Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My thoughts on Steve Jobs, and life in general

    After reading about Steve Jobs in his biography by Walter Isaacson, I am really captivated and touched by his story. To me, he is like my favorite fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, who is a genius at solving crimes, yet as great as the man he is, he is a drug addict, at one moment he is doing something unthinkable that amazes us, yet at another moment he can be just like one of those out on the street, wasting his life away.

    What is more important is that, thru reading the book, I reminded myself that most of the time we, living in a reality full of faults and problems, so much so that we tend to forget, that God has given us unlimited powers, to achieve whatever possible or impossible, limited only by our dreams and believes. It doesn't take an angel, or luck to succeed. It is our visions, our will, our persistence in wanting to succeed, that can bring us to achieve and be labelled a 'success' in the society.

    We have but only one life, ignoring the fact that we can be reborn, which is something that is not a totally proven fact, and not something everyone on earth believes in. And if we do not take this one opportunity to 'make a dent to the universe', it is not just a loss to ourself. It is a loss to mankind in general as well. We who are at least given a chance to try to prove what we can be. Many others do not have the opportunity ... those sperms who have lost their race to the ovum, aborted babies, those who passed away very young for various reasons. That we, given the opportunity, can consider that as a great gift and achievement in itself.

    At this point of time, we can be lost, we can be useless, or even a failure, but that does not mean we do not have a chance to prove to the world and touch the live of others, for, many successful person endure more defeat and made even bigger mistakes compared to us. The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett did not earn his name being right all the time. He earned it, as he rightfully say so, because he made a few right decisions that made him way ahead of the pack.

    In the end, mistakes can be forgiven, wrong decisions can be corrected and wounds can be healed. But if we give up, lose faith and are afraid to make decisions, that will be the biggest mistake of all. For, the fear in us should not be the fear that the sun is not rising tomorrow, or we might not live another day, or we might fail. The real fear is that we ourselves have lost hope and closed the door that leads to the true feelings in our heart, so much so that, the world might have lost a potential hero, without anybody knowing it. Let's not give up and continue to do what we believe in, as success can be just around the corner, much more closer than we think it is. We get out of life what we put into it.