Friday, 1 July 2011

Apache Camel

One particularly interesting open-source project that caught my eyes is Apache Camel. It is an insanely simple and powerful integration framework. An excerpt of the intro from their website:
Apache Camel is a powerful open source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns with powerful Bean Integration.
As I do a lot of coding in Java, and my company is mainly developing a PHP-based Content Management System, I am very keen to look for ways to provide a seamless integration and simplify PHP development by allowing most scheduled and batch jobs to be run via Java.

Using Apache Camel, I can easily fetch a file from a folder, and send it via email to a specific destination. It is not to say that PHP cannot do this, but using Java, I can easily allow 10 PHP web-applications to share the same Java engine. The advantage of this is, besides email, sending of SMS, XMPP message can be transparent to PHP as well, thus less config needed, as most of the one-time config can be centralized in the Java backend.

Apache Camel also allows you to easily communicate between servers by leveraging on JMS or sockets, so if you have hundreds of PHP applications strewn across 10 servers, you can have a simple Apache Camel app installed in all 10 servers that will just watch for existence of a file and dump it to a JMS queue, available for pickup by another set of servers that will then send out the Emails or SMS.

Sounds interesting? Continue following my blog as I will add new articles that slowly introduce a few great ways on how Apache Camel can be used. 

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